The Sheriff's office must stop working with ICE

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has been secretly working with ICE to deport Athenians – destroying lives and ripping families apart.

For years, our Sheriff’s office in Athens had chosen not to comply with ICE detainer requests because they are unconstitutional. Yet, in July they quietly began to work with ICE, breaking promises made to the immigrant community. We must get the Sheriff’s office to overturn this policy and stop complying with inhumane and illegal ICE requests.

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This petition will be delivered in person to Sheriff Edwards.

To: Sheriff Ira Edwards
From: Concerned Residents of Athens, GA

Working with ICE is wrong. It’s a direct attack on the safety of Athenian immigrants. It's in clear violation of the constitution. And by eroding trust in local law enforcement, it makes our whole community less safe. Your policy of detaining immigrants at the request of ICE must stop immediately.

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